What is KinAlert

KinAlert helps your loved one continue to live independently.  

By using wireless, discreet sensors placed in their home, KinAlert monitors their daily activities.  The system detects if something in their daily routine seems of concern or if an emergency issue has arisen. The system then notifies you via text message or email of this concern.  If you cannot be reached in a case of emergency it will call out for emergency services.  This system does NOT require a panic button to be worn, it does not require the home to have either an internet connection or a telephone line, it is pet friendly and works even in a power outage.

At any time log into your secure personalized system and view the following about your loved one in an easy to read graphed chart:

  • Know if they have been sleeping well at night
  • Know if are they are keeping up with regular meals
  • Know if they have they been leaving the house at odd hours
  • Know if  they are up and about enough during the day
  • Be notified if there is a power outage at the home
  • Coming Soon: Reminder phone calls to take medications, meals etc.
  • Coming Soon: Front door will unlock automatically when their Panic Button is pressed

Click HERE and then on Alerts to see what notifications you can expect to receive!

How Kin Alert Works

This system provides independence for them and peace of mind for you. Your loved ones DO NOT need to interact with any of the technology, just live in their homes as they always have.  This does not impose on their privacy what so ever.  We can tailor a system that is comfortable for everyone, and keep your family more connected than ever!

KinAlert is designed to be more comprehensive than the traditional "panic alert" button on it's own. A Panic Button alone will only work in case of an emergency AND if your loved one is willing to wear it! This system includes it's own panic alert buttons that work in the same fashion but are a part of a more complete solution. The button does NOT have to be worn for this system to work!

 KinAlert is based in St. Catharines, Ontario.  We service from Niagara, to London, to Toronto and many more communities in between.  Let's chat today!

Does this sound familiar to you?

? You want your loved one to remain in their own home but worry about their safety and wellbeing throughout the day.
? Have an older child with special needs that would like more independence? KinAlert is the perfect first stepping stone for you both!
? Has a family member had a recent illness that requires extra monitoring, but don't want to go through the expense of assisted living just yet?
? Would you like a safety net at home for active healthy aging family members, but don't want to impose on their privacy?

How will KinAlert help us?

Sends you alerts even when a personal alert button cannot be pressed in an emergency.
Know if they are taking their medications, forgetting to lock the front door, sleeping well at night, eating regularly etc...
Make your loved one feel secure living alone while maintaining their privacy at all times.
Delivers you real-time notifications to your mobile phone or computer.




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Testimonials from Real Families

As an 80 year old lady, I am happy to be still living independently in my own home. I wasn't sure at first how it would make me feel, but now I don't even think of them anymore. I don't live in my home any differently than I did before. I am also very thankful for the cameras in the garage, outside and basement. My kids tell me don't go downstairs but you can't always wait for somebody to show up to go and get whatever it is you need. Having the cameras there makes me feel secure knowing I won't be left for long should I fall.

I also want to mention the help buttons at the bottom of the stairs, in the bathroom and the garage, they are right there just in case.

They were very professional installing all this, no wires to be seen just a very need job and always very considered and friendly.

Thanks guys for a job well done!
- Betsy, Vineland

My mother had a fall last spring and unfortunately that wasn't her first one. We decided it was time to implement something into her home. We just didn't know where to start. When we heard about KinAlert we knew it was perfect for mom and for us too! We can go about our busy work day knowing we will be notified is something out of the ordinary takes place at her home. We can't tell you how much relief this brings to not only myself, but all my siblings as well, who are all linked to the system. We can't imagine going back to the way life was before, hoping all day long everything was ok, but never knowing exactly. KinAlert's staff treated us like family which made mom feel very comfortable.

- Mike, Hamilton